Company Introduction
Founded in 2019, the company is a wardrobe customization enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service. The whole series of products are made of environmentally friendly plates, which have passed the national health and environmental protection tests of various commodities. Our custom furniture, focusing on cloakrooms, wardrobes, cabinets. Capture every bit of inspiration from nature and give furniture infinite vitality. Under the leadership of the senior design team, we strive to make every product have life and present their best state to users. Committed to meeting the diverse and personalized needs of the peak people, personalized tailor-made.
Brand Concept
Perception · Perseverance
We must maintain the spirit of innovation in everything, adhere to the belief of "quality + ingenuity", and present the perfect customized home furnishing plan to the people of Laifeng with a meticulous spirit and continuous pursuit of quality, and we are committed to insisting on integrating art and beauty into life. The perfect combination of the two can meet the wishes of customers.
Corporate Mission
The One Closet & Cabinetry
Leading the trend of the custom home furnishing industry, spreading the culture of "new community, custom home furnishing", and striving to improve the quality of urban people's home life.